Heavenly Treasures Gift Shop

You know, there are some things on the planet that you just can’t find at Walmart. Granted, it’s awesome to be able to pick up double-A batteries, a box of Triscuits, new clothes and a Chapstick in one place, but that’s not what we’re going for here… mainly because we don’t have any Chapstick.

But, at Heavenly Treasures, you will find the most unique and beautiful gifts for your family, friends, and those relatives all year round. They’ll know you took the time to find that perfect gift just for them!

Most of the items you will find in the Gift Shop are hand made by local artists, so, not only are you supporting the Church, but the local community as well. Quite frankly, I’d rather put my money here than anyplace else – I know it will do some good – and the smiles I get when giving these gifts – priceless.

Take a look at these handcrafted items, for example, by Teresa Aguirre (below, third image).  You just won’t find a more wonderful expression of Faith and Devotion anywhere else.

Make sure to stop by before/after Mass – or just drop by the Office during the week – there will always be someone able to help you take a look at what we’re offering.  Our Staff is happy to answer any questions you may have and show you the many beautiful items we offer. God Bless!

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